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Thank you for your interests in my wellness services. I am eager to coach you to gain the maximum knowledge, skills and motivation that you need to move you towards attaining your health and wellness goals. If you've never worked with a functional medicine nutritionist trained in mental health and wellness counseling then you are probably asking yourself, what should I expect when working with Diana? When you work with me, I will review your intake form.  Typically I will recommend specific conventional and/or functional labs for your health issue which we will arrive at during our first 30 minute consultation.  Once your lab results are completed, I will educate you on high impact, therapeutic foods and meals, USP or cGMP-NSF certified nutraceuticals, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness...all state of the art lifestyle medicine tactics that are steeped with evidence based data to improve your health.  You will be provided with specific personalized blueprints, a CHIP (Continuous Health Improvement Plan), to guide you into specific steps. My therapy is highly specific to YOU and your personal health goals.  Through my 29+ years of expertise you will be motivated to take action!  

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For insurance coverage you will need to check with your insurance carrier to assess coverage for my services.  If you have a medical condition, your insurance carrier may reimburse for my services; however, please note, I do not bill for insurance, but I will provide you with the necessary form to submit to your insurance carrier for potential reimbursement.  When checking on coverage, if your insurance company needs to contact my office for my credentials and licensure, please provide them with my clinic’s number.  My staff is equipped with this information and will be happy to provide your insurance carrier with my credentials.

To Your Best Health To Come,

Diana Davis, M.Ed., LDN, RDN, CFSP
Functional Medicine Nutrition Practitioner
Medical Registered Dietitian
Licensed Clinical Nutritionist

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