Diana Davis, M.Ed., RDN, CFSP

The catalyst behind Health Transformations is a 29+ year veteran in the field of Clinical Nutrition, Neuro-Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation and Lifestyle Medicine for disease management and health promotion, Diana Davis, M.Ed., LDN, RDN, CFSP is a Functional Medicine Nutrition Practitioner trained at IFM, Integrative Registered Dietitian, and a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist with a Masters degree in Educational Counseling.  

You have now entered the wellness zone of Health Transformations... a service platform that places you and your health goals in a dynamic state of improved physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Health Transformations (HT) is not the place for pills that make you weigh less or a quick fix remedy to relieve your stagnant lifestyle.  Diana goes much deeper.  Diana will help you or your company step onto a health platform where all of the latest scientific breakthroughs exist for restoring one's health.  Whether its symptoms in your head or gut or any condition or disease, she is an expert on helping you choose the correct lab panel, whether its allopathic, functional or genomic labs, and is highly trained in understanding the subtle or deep biochemical significance of your lab results, and more importantly, she is sharply skilled to help you take the right action to correct the imbalances and promote your wellbeing.   

Diana's decades of advance training goes far beyond the teachings of a prudent lifestyle (i.e., eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly, no smoking and drinking a glass of organic dry red wine), but, rather, Diana incorporates mindfulness training with evidence-based lifestyle and functional nutritional medicine which brings you to a new way of eating...... a new way of living for improved health.

So the question is: Do you start this year, next year or today!

An Enlightened Connection to a Healthy Lifestyle
Health Transformations